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How to Use the jClicker's buttons

Here is your quick guide to the buttons that control a jClicker slide show (note that not all buttons may be visible for a particular slide show):

previous slide button

Shows the slide that comes before the current one.

slide jump menu

This drop down menu allows to you navigate directly to any slide in the show, using the titles listed on the menu.

next slide indicator

The jClicker preloads the next image in the slide show. If this inidcator is green, then the image data is available for immediate display. If the indicator is flashing red/yelloe, the image is still downloading. You can advance to a partially loaded image, but it may not appear until it has downloaded completely.

credits link

Hypertext link to the jClicker web site for more information about this template.

next slide button

Shows the slide that comes after the current one.

help button

Button that displays this help screen.