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If you don't know me, this page means nothing to you!
If you knew me before my injury and before I moved to Columbus, a few pix for reminecing:)...
And if you DIDN'T know me before injury and moving to Columbus, OH, here's a few pix from my life before!!
<-Bonnie, Chas, Cathy(my ex) and me somewhere in Colorado. ->Cathy, me, Jeff, Marla, Bonnie, and Chas on a sand bar on our annual Fall Mississippi River trip.
<-Me, Chas, Cathy, Bonnie,my brother Jeff, Lori, Jeff, and Marla at Lake Pomme de Terre in Missouri. And of course my dog at the time- Trixi. ->Chas, Jeff, Marla, and me at Winter Park ski resort in Colorado.
<-Me, Dave, Bonnie, and Chas at the bar at Silver Creek ski resort in Colorado. ->Me, Kathy H, Jeff, and Chas in the condo hot tub at Winter Park, Colorado.
<-Me and Chas relaxing at our campsite at the Coralville resevour between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. ->Bob and me putting in a patio door in a house I used to own.
<-Renee, me, and Jason after I was fishing on the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids, Iowa(they were young and innocent back then!). ->Me at the campsite after fishing at Mark Twain lake in Missouri.