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My site has several pages to it, with more to follow in the future! This site so far contains this page- my personal page, several Mark Martin pages, a Johny Bravo page, and a South Park page.
And I've now added a White Stallion Ranch/Marlboro Ranch Party Site!
Check links farther down page!
Also, feel free to come back at anytime to see what I've added new and different!!

This was my dog Maxwell

I got Max from the Columbus, Ohio Humane Society in October of 1995. At the time he was a little over a year old. He was part Beagle and part German Shepherd.
He was an idiot, but all in all a pretty good dog! Sadly, he died suddenly July 25th, 1998. I miss ya Max, Rest in Peace!!

BUT, I now have another dog!!

This one is Molly, a 3 year old regular Beagle I got
from Adopt-a-Pet here in Columbus.
I adopted Molly about a month after Max passed away.

My Kids

Renee, Jason, and Kelli
My kids at Sea World in June of 1998

My House In Columbus, OH

After living in apartments for almost 3 years after my divorce, I couldn't stand it anymore and bought this house.
A simple 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house with no basement, it sure beats living in an apartment!
Best of all I bought it after it was completely refurbished inside and out.
Almost as good as buying a new house, but a lot cheaper!

Here's a picture of myself and some friends.

This was taken New Years 2002.

Lee, Danny, Bob, and me in front!

My only brush with fame!

Me and country recording star, Sherrie Austin!!

Here are some links to you from me!

NASCAR Online: NASCAR racing at it's finest!
Roush Racing: Home of the Roush Racing teams.
Racing Champions: NASCAR diecast collectibles
Columbus State Community College: My alma mater and employer.
Columbus, Ohio: All about where I live now.
FYIowa: About my homestate of Iowa and Cedar Rapids.
National Football League: My favorite team is the Miami Dolphins!
Cartoon Network: Johny Bravo Rules!!
Comedy Central: Don't miss South Park!
Tripod Homepage: Free Webpages, chatrooms, and more!

You are guest number to visit here!

Mark Martin NASCAR Page
Mark Martin WCS Mark Martin BGN
Johnny Bravo South Park

White Stallion Ranch/Marlboro Ranch Party


So I know you've been here!

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