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Whether you are here to find out about the White Stallion Ranch,
or here to see the pictures and reminence about the Marlboro Ranch Party
from September 21st thru the 25th, 1999... I'm glad you came!
This site has four pages, dealing with the ranch itself,
and also all the fun we had at the party!!
Make sure and sign my guestbook on the last page!!

This first page shows some sights, and has some info on the White Stallion Ranch!!

The White Stallion Ranch is a
very fun place to go!
Maybe not as much fun
as the Marlboro Ranch Party
winners had, but it is a blast!!
Ranch lobby entrance
The lodging is top-notch here.
Beautiful and spacious rooms
make the stay that much more
enjoyable! You'll feel
almost at home.
Ranch buildings
The scenery outside the rooms,
and around the ranch are totally
breathtaking! The desert landscape and
mountains in the "backyard" are well
worth the visit alone!
The ranch is an actual working
ranch consisting of 3000 acres.
The animals here include horses,
longhorn cattle, a petting zoo
and an occassional peacock:)!
A view in the ranch
The True family has owned the ranch
since 1965, spanning three generations.
The Trues' and their staff
will give you the best service
you can imagine!
Indian oven
The ranch does have a pool
and a hot tub. Other items are-
volleyball, basketball, tennis,
shuffleboard, ping pong,
billiards, and much more!
Ranch pool
Of course being a ranch,
it has many horses to ride,
and a full-size rodeo arena.
You can take a try at the horses yourself,
or sit back and watch the cowboys/girls.
Ranch peacock
The ranch, located in the
Avra Valley is only around
17 miles from Tucson, AZ and
and approximately 60 miles from
the Mexican border.
Ranch rodeo
For more information on
pricing and packages,
please visit their site at-
White Stallion Ranch
It's worth a look!!
Ranch stables and horses


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