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I think the stay I had at the Marlboro Ranch Party at
the White Stallion Ranch,
was the best time I ever had! What about you:)??

Marlboro Ranch Party
offered so many things to do!
Full day 1 started off with the 4X4 Jeep desert tour.
jeep tour
The sight and the ride was incredible!
And the drivers really knew
their stuff about the desert.
jeep tour 2
After lunch, I went to the Desert Museum.
A nature trail and zoo wrapped into one,
it had many incredible displays.
It was very hot that day,
but a storm coming up from Mexico
cooled things off.
museum view 2
Full day 2 I went to Bisbee,
and to Tomstone. Bisbee offered the mine
and lots of shopping.
outside mine
Tombstone offered a look at the
old west. And of course more shopping!
Boothill Cemetery is located here.
inside mine
Tombstone offerd one the chance
to see a reactment of the
OK Corral Shootout... didn't go.
Bisbee, an old mining town
was inhabited by "hippies" in the 70's,
now has lot of art and craft stores.
Full day 3 took it easy,had a massage.
But there was so much more to do!
Horseback riding, Mountain Biking,
Bull Penning and more!
Downtown Bisbee

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