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The Marlboro Ranch Party at the
White Stallion Ranch was a blast!
All the entertainment along with all the other stuff they provided for us was incredible!!

Along with all of the activities we could do, there was always something right at the ranch for our entertainment and enjoyment!
mariachi band
The first night we had a mariachi band provide music before and during our dinner.
The second night Kevin, the "singing cowboy" provided our musical background. Kevin was also the host to Bisbee/Tombstone.
Every night we were provided with a deejay to play our favorites for our dancing and listening enjoyment!!
the deejay
The third night's entertainment was a magician. He provided us with both a stage show, and close-up magic at the bar.
country band
Amy gave us the opportunity to learn some country line dances. A lot of people took advantage of this and had a great time(right Foxy?)!!
line dancing
The final night we had a live country band. This gave everybody the chance to get out to dance and have a great time!
Ranch rodeo
The ranch had a rodeo for us, giving us the opportunity to watch the cowboys/girls to do some roping, bulldogging, and barrel racing.
And who can forget the massages and ALL the food they provided us! I've never are so much(I gained 7 lbs!)!!
chow line

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