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Everbody was great- whether it was the winners or their guests,
the entire Marlboro staff, or
the staff of the White Stallion Ranch.

All the winners and guests were great fun!! We came from Ohio,Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Louisiana.
our gang
It was so much fun meeting all these new people from all over!! It was a pleasure getting to know everyone!
the staff
The whole Marlboro staff was great(and White Stallion Ranch staff too, of course!). They made it a real pleasure!
After a hard day of enjoying all the activities, everybody enjoyed themselves. Especially when it came to the free alcohol:)!!
more people
It was a lot of fun just sitting around and talking to everybody and getting to know them!
even more people
You know, it's amazing... I've got almost this same pic of Steve and Pat on another roll. And I don't remember taking either:)! I wonder how they got there!! LOL
Steve and Pat
Okay, I was smitten by Amy the dance instructor:)!! She was a lot of fun, very beautiful, and a darn good dancer!
Joe, Jeff, and Brian
The twins, Joe and Jeff, were a couple of the nicest guys you could meet.
Amy and Brian
And of course our favorite staff member- Kelli the bartender!!! She did a great job keeping us served!

To see these pix and many more that are
uncropped and in regular photo size, go to
White Stallion Ranch/Marlboro Ranch Party Pix
There are four ARIZONA folders there with pix in them for you viewing enjoyment.
Feel free to download them for your personal files.
Along with the pix, I tried to include names,
But, being lousy with names, I forgot a few,
and may have some wrong!
Please tell me them or correct me on this:)!!
Also... if you are interested, the orignal pix from my digital camera are 17"X13",
so they make great computer wallpaper or desktops!
So if you find a pic you would like for that reason, let me know, I'll email the file to you!Just describe it or tell me which one,
as the file names are different.
(The first 3 folders, and first 7 pix in 4th folder are from digital, rest are scanned)


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